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2020 Hay
Spring June (first) cutting: cover crop rye & early grass hay
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Thank you for your interest. Please contact us if you are interested in being notified the progress and availability during next 2021 season.

We have some gone, some left (maybe 20 bales grass) of our early hay.

The very clean and dry ryelage cover crop is available (don't forget those potentially muddy 2021 Spring potentials and something different to keep cows happy. Some are actually $ covered bales to help make the wait.

There is some first cutting grass hay (never has been this early, this good and unfortunately more a struggle for the guy making the bale vs ez to bale course July grass)

Honestly it is way way too much work 14 days of my life and a few dozen bales here and there for as little as it nets (even if socially distancing is the only other game in town to occupy my free time) and we have accomplished the task of keeping the field maintained (and terrorizing small animals way too early IMHO for the worth) so if there is a July drought, this is likely all we mess with. If there is not a July drought, it will probably do too much damage to screw around with plus leave the 2021 grass in less viable state. Sustainability is not mass quantities. AND clipping early before it goes to seed might defeat the potential to do a bit of wild life encouragement (unless I hit a deer with my truck...then all bets are off...but for now we likely are done)

Modern NIH disk mower, dark ages JD bar rake, pimped out with extra teeth pulled by a Allis Chalmers WD45 baled with a Vermeer 605J auto weave (home brewed manual auto weave over ride to make even bales right). Basically work work work and more work (nothing automatic other then the sub inch auto steer to mow straight where possible) #FarmON

Still some on hand, but gone when it is gone (and taking it year by year how much enjoyment vs just bat wing mowing it down like every other grain farmer does instead!

Price: $65
(no sleeves)

Ryelage: $45. Rye Covered: $55
(only a dozen total of that)

We will assist in loading if done in one session


We fertilize and maintain (spray as needed) what was grass field ... and a couple of way too many acre wasted waterways. Those are well maintained. Call it lazy or thinking about what you cows deserve too, but we buggy corn and bean fertilizer straight through waterways same as the crop gets. Not sure it is cost effective but with auto steer our fertilizer coverage is dead on otherwise.

(PS: if you have no clue what rye is? Head over to Twitter to amuse yourself "life after cows" where we check on our cows!)

Hay 1 mile West at 9 acre CRP Waterway
Hay Pasture 1/2 mile South at RR Tracks
Gotta love WIND: mow once, rake twice?

Preston & Glenda Allen

PHONE: 309-221-1427
Smithshire IL 61478